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Essex County Care

Essex County Care

Care Home Fees

Care home fees are varying from area and any care home provider, and this can be a very overwhelming task.

With our experience of over 30 years in providing quality care services for senior living, we have provided information below that will hopefully provide you with better understanding of care home fees and funding which will help you find a care home for a loved one or yourself.

Choose the right care home and assessing your situation

Choosing the right care home, a home from home. When seeing or visiting a care home one instantly knows whether the care home is a right fit. We therefore always advise new residents to choose a home where they feel the most comfortable in.

In paying towards care home fees, it is now common for people in care homes to help pay towards the cost of care. The government now sets a national limit to enable to determine eligibility for funding assistance. To find further information on this, please check

Paying for care yourself.

If you are able to pay for care yourself, please feel free to contact your chosen care homes directly and we will be happy to help. Each home will make an assessment to ensure the right care package is delivered to the individual, prices will vary from home to home and provider to provider. We will ensure to advise and guide you every step of the way to ensure you understand the costs of the service you are paying for.

Top-up fees and third-party payments

If you are receiving help from the local authority for care home services, this will not limit you from choosing a care home that has been selected by them. A top-up fee or a third-party payment, be it from a family or friend can contribute to your chosen care home as an extra cost on top of the local authority funding.

More Information

If you need further understanding on funding assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us, your local GP, social services or local authority.

Further assistance can also be found on the Government public services information website